Prehistoric Tribes

Real-time strategy, simulation
Prehistoric Tribes takes you back to the dawn of time when mankind first ventured out after the last great ice age, forced to rely on nothing but their wits and their opposable thumbs for survival. Given that they are all a few spokes short of a wheel they won't last long... That's where you come in!

Your role is to build and maintain your tribe's village, keeping them safe from the many dangers that threaten their existence: starvation, disease, vicious cannibals with a taste for slow-witted cavemen.

Your villagers have minds of their own, they are constantly doing something: talking to each other, doing lunch (yah), gathering flowers, scratching their bits, going to the disco and so on. It's your task to make them comfortable and safe by building different structures and assigning them tasks to perform for the benefit and wellbeing of the Tribe: harvesting, hunting, fishing or cooking for example. You'll see how it can be difficult to manage fifty cavemen each of which has a mind of their own... Or at least half of one.

Prove your worth and lead your Tribe to freedom, prosperity and above all happiness!

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